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Superb Supergirl Cookies

Supergirl Cookies

These cool Supergirl Cookies were made by The Truffle Pop Shoppe.  There are two cookies in this set.  The first is a cookie shaped like a word balloon.  The cookie is blue with dark blue dots in it so it looks like the way comic books used to be printed.  Inside the word balloon is the classic slogan usually associated with Superman – “It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane…”.  The second cookie in the set features Supergirl.  She is wearing one of her classic costumes.  This looks closest to Supergirl’s second costume.  On her original costume, her skirt was blue.  Supergirl’s hair and skirt look like they are blowing in the wind.  The background of the cookie is blue and yellow and looks like a spotlight is shining on her.

This is a great time to be a fan of Supergirl.  CBS is working on a Supergirl TV show staring Melissa Benoist.  CBS has released a few photos of Melissa dressed as Supergirl.  I think Melissa looks wonderful as Kara Zor-El and the costume is fantastic.


Melissa Benoist as SupergirlMelissa Benoist as Supergirl


There are also a Supergirl fan site and a podcast that I highly recommend:


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Comic Box Commentary is my favorite Supergirl siteAnj is the biggest Supergirl fan I’ve met and the blog is terrific.  Anj has helped me with one of my posts.  When I wrote my post about Supergirl Radio

There is also a wonderful Supergirl Podcast called Supergirl Radio.  I’ve listened to it and it is terrific.  Supergirl Radio, a spin-off podcast from The Flash Podcast, is the 1st fan dedicated podcast for the new Supergirl TV show.  Until the series premiere of Supergir”, the podcast will be doing a Season Zero featuring in-depth character spotlights, comic reviews, coverage of Supergirl in media and much more. Each week, your hosts will bring you the latest news, spoilers, rumors, and speculations about the Supergirl TV show! You can follow the podcast on Twitter @SupergirlRadio, Facebook, and the web.