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Robin Hood Aims His Arrow At The Heart

Robin Hood Cake

This Marvelous Robin Hood Cake was made by Bella’s Bakery. Robin has his bow drawn back ready to release his arrow into the wooden heart target. 

The cake is a single layer cake covered in light brown fondant to represent the ground. There are several clusters of gray stones on the ground. There is a tree on top of the cake with green leaves and a brown trunk. A wooden heart target is hanging off the large branch of the tree. Robin is standing a short distance from the tree.

This version of Robin Hood is one of my favorites. He is the fox from the animated Disney movie, Robin Hood.  He has a smile on his face. This adorable version of Robin Hood uses animals to portray Robin Hood, his merry men, and the villains that he fights. Robin is dressed in a green tunic with a brown belt. He has on a green cap with a red feather. He is wearing yellow shoes. His bow is brown and the arrow has red fletchings. This edible version of Robin Hood as a fox looks wonderful.

On the side of the cake are more trees with brown trunks and green leaves. There is green grass between the trees and gray rock on the ground. The Birthday name is on the side of the cake in yellow letters. The cake board is covered in green fondant and the side of the cake board is yellow. 

Robin Hood Cake

Notice the detail of Robin Hood’s outfit.  You can see the stitches on the middle of his green tunic and the detail of his fur and facial features.