Wonderful Disney’s Robin Hood Cookies

Disney’s Robin Hood Cookies

Robin Hood Cookies

These marvelous Robin Hood 40th Birthday Cookies were made by Emily Hampton from Stellar Bakes.  Robin Hood is one of my favorite Disney movies, so I think this set is absolutely wonderful.  I really like the range of characters that Emily included.


Disney’s Robin Hood Cookies

These cookies are absolutely perfect. Each character looks like they hopped off the movie screen. I really like the facial expressions of each character.


Robin Hood and Maid Marian Cookies

Robin Hood and Maid Marian


Alan-A-Dale Cookie



Prince John Cooke

Prince John


Sir Hiss Cookie

Sir Hiss


Sheriff of Nottingham Cookie

Sheriff of Nottingham


Lady Kluck Cookie

Lady Kluck


Little John Cookie

Little John


Friar Tuck Cookie

Friar Tuck

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