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Spin It With This Terrific TaleSpin Cake

TaleSpin Cake

This is my week for Disney Afternoon themed treats! Yesterday, I featured DuckTales Cookies and today I’ve got this wonderful TaleSpin Cake made by Cakedreams.  The cake features Baloo, doing what he does best …. relaxing.  To the side of the cake is the Sea Duck.

TaleSpin was a cartoon made by Disney that was part of the Disney Afternoon.  It took characters from The Jungle Book and placed them in an action adventure aviation themed cartoon.  It sounds like an insane idea, but the end results is one of the best cartoon series Disney has made.  TaleSpin centered around Baloo and his assistant / sidekick Kit Cloudkicker.  Just like in the Jungle Book, Baloo was big, lazy, and loved a party.  But in TaleSpin, Baloo was also the best pilot around. 

An aviation cartoon isn’t any good without villains.  My favorite TaleSpin villain was Don Karnage and his air pirates.  Don Karnage has one of my favorite bits in the whole series:

Don Karnage: Fire at will!

Will screams

Don Karnage: Do not fire at Will, he is my Second Mate. Fire at the Sea Duck!

Louie, from the Jungle Book, was the owner and operator of the club, Louie’s Place.  Believe it or not, it was based on Rick’s from Casablanca.

The one other character from Jungle Book was Shere Khan.  In TaleSpin, he is a ruthless businessman.

The cast was rounded out with Rebecca Cunningham (Baloo’s boss), her daughter Molly, and Wildcat (the repairman with the heart and mind of a child).


TaleSpin Cake Topper