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Adorable Jetsons Cake

Jetsons Cake

This adorable Jetsons Cake was made by Sheila Jimenez.  It features Elroy and his dog Astro.  It was a second birthday cake for a little boy.  Shey hand made the the figures of Elroy and Astro.  Elroy is in his classic outfit – a green jumper, white shirt, red collar, and green hat.  Astro also has a collar, but his is green.

Some Interesting Trivia about the Jetsons:

  • The Jetsons was the first television show broadcast in color by ABC. What is odd is that ABC also broadcasted The Flintstones and The Flintsone came first.  While the Flintsones were filmed in color, they were originally broadcast in black and white.
  • The original run of The Jetsons was only one season of 24 episodes.  The second series of Jetsons cartoons weren’t produced until 21 years later.  There was also a batch of 10 episodes made in 1987.  You can tell the original episodes from the later because Orbitty only appears in the later episodes.
  • One thing I’ve never understood about Orbitty.  Orbitty wasn’t added until 1985, but he appeared on the title cards for the original series.  Turns out, the original series didn’t use title cards at all.  The title cards were added when the 1985 series was made.
  • Rosie the Robot only appeared in 2 of the original 24 episodes – The 1st episode where Rosie runs away from home and the 8th episode where she falls in love with Henry Orbit's mechanical assistant, Mac.
  • Rosie was voiced by Jean Vander Pyl, who also voiced Wilma Flintsone.  I’ve always assumed that the reason Rosie appeared so infrequently is because Jean was too busy with Wilma.  This has nothing to do with the Jetsons but did you know that Jean was also the voice of Pebbles Flintstone?
  • Rosie the Robot was first name was originally spelt Rosey.
  • Jean wasn’t the only voice actor from the Flintstones to star in The Jetsons.  Mr. Spacely was voiced by the incomparable Mel Blanc who was also the voice of Barney Rubble, Dino, and countless other cartoon characters.
  • The design of the Jetsons' flying car was inspired by a 1954 Ford concept car, the FX-Atmos.  The FX-Atmos was notable for its all-glass bubble canopy, dashboard radar screen, and jet-plane-like tail fins. Car Styling has wonderful photo gallery of the FX-Atmos.
  • The Jetsons were inspired by Chic Young’s Blondie.  Penny Singleton, the voice of Jane Jetson, played Blondie Bumstead in 28 movies.
  • In the cartoon, Spacely Sprockets was originally founded in 1937 in Newfoundland.
  • The Jetsons used to be featured in a theme park ride, The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera, at Universal Studios Florida.  Here is a YouTube video of the ride.  I wish this was still around.