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Geektastic Gamorrean Guard Cake

Gamorrean Guard Cake

This absolutely stunning Gamorrean Guard Cake was made by Becca’s Edible Art. This is one of the nine Gamorrean Guards who worked for Jabba The Hutt. This cake was part of The Fondant Awakens – May the 4th Be With You Cake Collaboration. He has a mean look on his face. He is green and has two horns on the top of his head. Four tusks are sticking out of his mouth. He is wearing a gray metal helmet and shoulder pads and a brown leather tunic.

This Gamorrean Guard was hand sculpted from cake and then covered in fondant and modeling chocolate. 

Gamorrean Guard Cake

The shoulder armor can be seen in this photo.

My favorite Gamorrean is part of Star Wars Legends. He is called Voort saBinring or Piggy. He was genetically altered by the Empire’s Binning Biomedical Product and made to be a math genius and has the ability to speak Basic using a translator inside his throat. He escaped the Empire and joined the rebellion. Since he is Gamorrean, everyone expects him to be stupid and not able to speak. This comes in very handy in his role as a spy as a member of Wraith Squadron under Wedge Antilles. This Squadron was the Star Wars equivalent of a Mission Impossible team. I really liked his role in X-Wing Mercy Kill, where he helps to carry out a scheme to reveal General Thaal’s guilt as a member of the Lecersen Conspiracy. Toward the end of the book, Piggy dances.