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It Is Time To Dine With The Doctor Again

Dining With The Doctor Regenerated

Chris-Rachael Oseland, the Queen of Geek Cookbooks, is getting ready to update her classic cookbook Dining With The Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook.  The new version is called Dining With The Doctor Regenerated: The Revised and Expanded Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook.

It will include:

  • 60 recipes from the 1st edition
  • 60+ brand new recipes
  • Brand new, high quality food photography
  • Recipes and commentary for every episode of series 1-8
  • Bonus chapters for both Cocktails and Fish Fingers & Custard
  • Index broken down by dietary restrictions & food allergies so you can easily feed all your friends

Chris-Rachael needs our help to make this awesome cookbook happen.  She has started a kickstarter.

Here is Chris-Rachael talking about her new cookbook.



Unfortunately, the video can’t include the coolest part of this cookbook – the recipes.  Chris-Rachael writes the coolest geek recipes I’ve ever read.  They’re ingenious, hilarious, crystal clear, and easy to follow. 


Vegan Cyberman Pull Apart Sweet Bread

Here is her recipe for Vegan Cyberman Pull Apart Sweet Bread.

The other thing I love about Chris-Rachael’s recipes is that she focuses heavily on food allergies and dietary restrictions.



The reward levels for this kickstarter include awesome goodies like signed copies of both version of the Dining with The Doctor and kitchen cabinet sized posters of illustrated recipes by Chris-Rachael Oseland and Tom Gordon featuring Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith & Peter Capaldi.


Recipe for The Doctor's Yorkshire Pudding

Here is a sample of what those illustrated recipes will look like.



Stretch goals include expanding the cookbook even further so that it includes recipes featuring the 8th Doctor and the War Doctor.

You can find complete details on the rewards and stretch goals on the Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated kickstater page.  

Not a fan of Doctor Who, Chris-Rachael has also written:  


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Remember, if you have any interest in Doctor Who or geeky recipes check out the Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated kickstater.