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Top 10 Wackiest DC Comics Covers

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Welcome to Super-Blog Team Up!

Super-Blog Team Up is a quarterly event where pop culture and comic book blogs, podcasts, and vlogs team up to tackle one topic.  This time out, we’re looking at top 10 lists.  If this is your first time visiting Between the Pages, THANKS for stopping by. Between the Pages is a blog about pop culture and the world’s greatest cakes. I hope you enjoy your visit and come back again.  Today, I’m counting down the 10 wackiest DC comic book covers.  If you’re hungry, don’t worry,  I serve desert on every single post. This time out, I’ll have some great DC comics themed cakes and cookies.

Now onto the wacky covers!


Action Comics 388

#10. Action Comics 388 featured an April Fools story called “Puzzle of the Wild World.” It contained tons of intentional errors and challenged the reader to find them all.  In a later issue of Action Comics, a two page list of errors was published.  This cover is filled with so many “errors” that it had to make my top 10 list.


Superman Cookies

Remember, how I mentioned there’d be desert?  These awesome Superman Cookies were made by by Oh Sugar Events.


Tales of The Unexpected 44

#9 – Tales of The Unexpected 44 – In addition to super heroes, DC Comics used to publish a bunch of science fiction themed heroes.  Since westerns were popular, one of those characters was Space Ranger. Since Cowboys and Indians go together, Space Ranger had to meet space Indians.  What else would be living on one of Saturn’s moons?

Since I don’t have any Space Ranger cookies, let me take a second and talk about how I selected these covers.  When I started looking at wacky covers, I discovered three things:

1 – DC Comics has published a lot of humor comics over the years.  Those covers are wacky, but when you pick-up a copy of The Adventures of Jerry Lewis from a spinner rack, you expect wacky.  So unfortunately covers featuring Bob Hope, Fox and Crow, and Sugar and Spike didn’t make the cut. 

2 – The character on the cover matters.  If having Sue Smith marry the gorilla of her dream is wacky, having Wonder Woman marry a gorilla is even wackier.

3 – Captions and word balloons make all the difference.  I’ll talk about that more as we continue.


Strange Adventures 144

#8 – Strange Adventures 144 – If a cowboys in space worked, why not knights in armor in space?  You could even have the bad guy be a black knight dressed in black armor and carrying a futurist sword laser.  Unfortunately, the atomic knights were before George Lucas’ time, so these space knights lived in a post apocalyptic future, wore actual suits of armor, and rode giant Dalmatians.   


Batman 161

#7 – Batman 161 – Little impish characters who were either sidekicks or troublemakers used to be a thing.  Batman had Bat-Mite. Superman had Mister Mxyzptlk.  Aquaman had Qwsp. Martian Manhunter had Zook. Even Space Ranger had an little alien named Cryll.


Batman Cake

There is nothing impish about this stunning Batman Cake was made by Fancy Cakes By Lauren.  


Jimmy Olsen 98

6 – Jimmy Olsen 98 – You can’t have a wacky cover list and not feature a gorilla cover.  I’m not sure if it is true, but there is a story that Julius Schwartz was looking at comic book sales figures and discovered that comics with a gorilla on the cover sold better than average. So, DC started producing tons of comic books with gorilla’s on the cover.  It may be an urban myth, but there is no denying that DC Comics went ape over gorillas.


 Superman / Minion Cake

I don’t have any Jimmy Olsen treats, so this adorable Superman / Minion Cake is here to take his place.  This adorable cake was made by Cecilia’s Custom Sugar Art


Flash 133

5 – Flash 133 – Flash was famous for covers where he and his costume were transformed.  Sometime he’d be shrunk, have a giant head, be enormously overweight, or turned into a mirror.  I think the most common was a empty Flash costume.  Remember how I said that captions and word balloons make all the difference when it comes to wacky covers?  It is hard to beat wacky dialog like “I’ve got the strangest feeling I’m being turned into a puppet!”.


Flash Cookies

These wonderful Flash Cookies were made by Pocket Full Of Parties. 


Wonder Woman 126

4 – Wonder Woman 126.  If I played a word association game and said DC comics – three of the most common answers would be Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.  Until sometime in the last decade or two, DC Comics didn’t actually own Wonder Woman.  They had exclusive rights to her as long as they published a Wonder Woman comic book.  So Wonder Woman’s comic book could not be canceled.  DC Comics often didn’t know what to do with her.  For a while, they invented other versions of Wonder Woman.  There was a teenage version of Wonder Woman called Wonder Girl.  She would become so popular that eventually she became a separate character and moved on to join the Teen Titans.  The strangest version of Wonder Woman was Wonder Tot and her sidekick Mister Genie.


Wonder Woman Cookies

These wonderful Wonder Woman Cookies were made by Kate’s Cookies.


Adventure Comics 294

3 – Adventure Comics 294 – What do you get when you combine Marilyn Monroe, President John F. Kennedy, Jerry Lewis, Superman, Lois Lane, Krypto, Bizarro, and cruelty to animals?  This insane cover!


 Baby Bizarro Cake

This amazing Baby Bizarro Cake was made by Cynthia Designs Cakes.


Lois Lane 57

#2 – Lois Lane 57 – This cover is so wrong! Superman has been turned into a baby.  Lois Lane and Lana Lang are “taking care” of him by spanking him.  They’ve even used a tennis racket! Why are Lois and Lana doing this? Because of all the heart break Superman will cause Lois and Lana when he grows up.  I’m amazed nobody at DC Comics spoke up about how amazingly inappropriate this cover was.


Lois Lane Cake

This wonderful Lois Lane Cake was made by Nerdache Cakes.


Adventure Comics 394

1 – Adventure Comics 394. I looked at thousands of comic book covers while compiling this list and the wackiest caption I found was “Heartbreak Prison! Where Every Girl’s A Lifer!”.  This summed up how horribly comics at this time portrayed woman and romance.

Got a favorite wacky cover that didn’t make the list? Want another wacky post like this? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope you enjoyed this post and visit Between The Pages again.  Before you
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