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Face It Tiger…You Just Hit The Jackpot!

Chibi Stan Lee Cake

This marvelous Chibi Stan Lee Cake was made by Sugar Illusions.

100 years ago today, Stan Lee was born and Between the Pages is celebrating. For this celebration, I wanted to look at one of the most famous lines of dialog that Stan ever wrote.

Peter Parker is the spectacular Spider-Man. In the early days of his comic, Peter lived with his Aunt May. May’s neighbor and best friend is Anna Watson. Way back in Amazing Spider-Man #15, Aunt May surprises Peter by telling him that she has made a date for him with Anna Watson’s niece. Peter doesn’t want any part of a blind date.


Aunt May arranges a blind date For Peter


The will he/won’t he go on a blind date gag continues for a while. When Anna’s niece, Mary Jane, finally appears in issue #25, her face is obscured by a plant. So, you still never really see her.


Mary Jane Watson's Face Blocked By Plant

It isn’t until issue #42 that Peter and Mary Jane finally meet and she utters the iconic line “Face It Tiger…You Just Hit The Jackpot!”.

This is classic Stan Lee!


Mary Jane Watson's First Appearance


Variations of “Face It Tiger…” have been used dozens of times in Marvel Comics. My favorite is Spider-Gwen is in a band called the Mary Janes and their biggest hit is Face It Tiger.

The classic first appearance of Mary Jane Watson was drawn by John Romita and lettered by Sam Rosen. John Romita based Mary Jane’s looks and clothes on Ann-Margaret from the movie Bye Bye Birdie.

Mary Jane Watson Cake

This fabulous Mary Jane Watson Cake was made by Cinzia D’Adamo Cakes.

A quick aside. My favorite Ann-Margaret role is when she played Ann-Margrock in the Flintstones’ season four opener – Ann-Margrock Presents. In this episode, Ann-Margrock is a celebrity scheduled to give a concert in Bedrock. She is tired of all the attention that goes with being a celebrity, so she hides out and becomes a babysitter for Fred and Wilma’s daughter Pebbles. Neither the Flintstones nor the Rubbles have a clue that she is a famous celebrity. Fred and Barney are trying to put together an act for the concert. Ann-Margrock sees them practicing and gives them a hand. Fred and Barney realize that they’re being selfish and that the person who should appear at the concert is Ann-Margrock. It ends with the trio performing on stage together and Ann-Margrock singing a lovely lullaby to Pebbles. If you’ve never seen the episode, I highly recommend it.


Flintstones Cake Toppers

These terrific Flintstones Cake Toppers were made by Luciana Aguos.

While Mary Jane’s reveal is a fun scene, I wanted to focus on it because it is a game changing moment in Spider-Man.

Spider-Man was the creation of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko (some comic book historians also say that Jack Kirby played a role in his creation.) Stan Lee was so busy working on so many Marvel Comics that Steve Ditko didn’t just do the artwork, he also did most of the plotting. Stan was involved in the basic plot of each issue and then scripted it after Ditko drew the comic.

The very first appearance of Spider-Man is in issue fifteen of Amazing Fantasy. On the splash page of that story, a bunch of high school students are talking. Off to one side and all alone is Peter Parker. In that panel, Liz Allen describes Peter “Peter Parker? He’s Midtown High’s only professional wallflower”. Steve Ditko’s Peter Parker reminds me a lot of Charlie Brown. Other than Aunt May and Peter’s on again/off again girl friend Betty Brant (J. Jonah Jameson’s secretary). Peter is friendless and picked on by his classmates.

First Peanuts Comic Strip

In the very first Peanuts comic strip. you learn two things – what Charlie Brown looks like and that there are some people who really dislike him. The last line is Shermy’s – “Good Ol’ Charlie Brown … How I Hate Him!”. Shermy’s line could just as easily have been said by Flash Thompson about Peter Parker.


Charlie Brown 3D Cookies

These amazing 3-D Peanuts cookies were made by Cookies Art by Shirlyn.

Mary Jane changes that forever.

A little history. The early issues with the will he/won’t he go on a blind date with Mary Jane Watson subplot were plotted and drawn by Steve Ditko. By the time, issue #42 appears and Mary Jane hit the scene, Ditko had left Marvel and John Romita was now the artist on the title. Romita had a done a lot of work in comics including a bunch of romance comics for DC Comics. Because that was his background, he was famous for drawing men and women who were attractive. His Peter Parker was handsome and his Mary Jane was lovely. Even Gwen Stacy who was created during Steve Ditko’s era on Spider-Man, became much more attractive.

Why is this important? Because Peter went from being Charlie Brown to being Archie Andrews. Archie is famous for dating both Veronica and Betty. Likewise, Peter was now dating both Mary Jane and Gwen. I can even see similarities between Mary Jane and Veronica & Gwen and Betty.


Archie Comics Cake

This gorgeous Archie Comics Cake was made by Danny’s Cake Factory.

I know what some of you are thinking, how is Peter dating two attractive girls a game changer for Spider-Man?

To answer that question, we need to talk about stories.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s universe can be divided into four parts

#1 Peter Parker’s friends – Aunt May, Mary Jane, Gwen, Robbie Robertson…

#2 Peter Parker’s foes – Flash Thompson, Liz Allen, J. Jonah Jameson…

#3 Spider-Man’s friends – Black Cat, Human Torch, Daredevil…

#4 Spider-Man’s foes – Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Electro…

These four sections matter for two reasons. First, the more characters in each section, the more stories you can tell. It is one of the reasons that the cast of characters in Spider-Man comics keeps expanding. Second, while a good story can be told using one of these sections. The best stories are those where multiple of these sections intersect.

Let me give you an example. Here are two elevator pitches for an issue of Spider-Man.

Doctor Octopus Is Coming To Town: Christmas time is here. And, Doctor Octopus is planning to rob a laboratory of a rare isotope. Otto knows that Spider-Man will ruin his Christmas, so he hires two small time supervillains to distract Spidey. One villain is dressed in green, the other in brown. They’re the Grinch and Max and they’re paid for each Christmas decoration they destroy on Christmas Eve.

Anniversaries: It is the anniversary of Uncle Ben’s death. After all these years, Peter still feels guilty. Peter and Aunt May visit the graveside together. Afterwards, they go out to dinner and tell tales about Ben. After a good but bittersweet evening of reminiscing, they both head to their homes. Peter is climbing into his bed when his cell phone rings. It is Aunt May. There is a burglar in her house.

Doctor Octopus Is Coming To Town is a fun, light Christmas romp. Anniversaries has more pathos. The Doc Ock story only involves section #4, Spider-Man’s foes. The Aunt May story involves Peter Parker’s friends, his foes (the original burglar who killed Uncle Ben) and depending on the identity of the new burglar maybe Spider-Man’s foes.

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko did amazing work on Spider-Man, but their main focus was creating an absolutely astonishing rouges gallery for Spider-Man. During this run Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Electro, Mysterio, the Lizard and a bunch of other classic Spidey villains were created. Peter was featured a ton in these issues, but he was usually shown as not having any friends.

Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin Cake

This awesome Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin Cake was made by Katie Hawksworth

The introduction of Mary Jane changes that. Gradually, most of Peter’s supporting cast becomes more fleshed out and suddenly Peter has a supporting cast of friends. This opened up so many additional story possibilities.

Let me show you what I mean. Take my elevator pitch – Doctor Octopus Is Coming To Town. Lets add to it some of Peter Parker’s friends. It Christmas and Mary Jane and Gwen want to earn extra money to buy Christmas presents. Unbeknownst to each other, they both end up getting jobs at the same department store. That store is one of the first places that the Grinch and Max hit. In Home Alone fashion, MJ and Gwen take down the hapless bad guys. When Spidey arrives, there is nothing for him to do, so he isn’t distracted when Doctor Octopus commits his robbery.

Done correctly, this is a much funnier story than the original version because of the way the two stories and set of characters intersect.

This doesn’t just apply to Spider-Man. Even Charlie Brown didn’t stay the original Charlie Brown for long. Adding characters like Linus gave Charlie Brown an occasional friend and ally. While Sally gave him family and responsibilities. Peppermint Patty was a later comer, but she really like “Chuck”. Even though they’re in some of the classic Peanuts holiday specials, Shermy and Patty have largely been forgotten. These new supporting characters took on such a life of their own that some of Peanuts most famous storylines don’t have much to do with Charlie Brown. Linus and the Great Pumpkin and Snoopy battling the Red Barron are two examples of this.


Snoopy, WW I Flying Ace Cake

This marvelous Snoopy, WW I Flying Ace Cake was made by Denise Makes Cakes.

This is a problem I have with long running super hero TV shows. They’ll start off with one or two super heroes and a strong supporting cast. Over time, every single supporting character will end up getting powers and becoming either a hero or villain. That can make for a great story short term, but after awhile, the main characters lose their uniqueness and the supporting cast loses what made them special.

One last example! In addition to being a big fan of Spider-Man, I also really like Superman. Superman’s supporting cast is so iconic that almost everyone knows who Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Perry White are. For a few years now, DC Comics has been debating whether Superman’s secret identity was necessary. DC revealed Superman’s secret identity in the comics. A short while later, they changed their mind and restored his secret identity. A few years later, they changed their mind again and once again revealed Superman’s secret identity. Right about the time this post is being published, DC is once again restoring Superman’s secret identity. DC Comics can’t make up their mind. I’m #TeamClarkKent because while revealing Superman’s secret identity makes for great storytelling short term, it doesn’t make for great storytelling long term.

 Lois Lane Cake

This wonderful Lois Lane Cake was made by Nerdache Cakes.  

Years ago, I read an interview with John Romita about his time working with Stan Lee on Spider-Man. He said that when he came on the book, Stan Lee & Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four was Marvel’s best selling title. To his surprise and delight, Amazing Spider-Man soon overtook it and became Marvel’s best seller. I think the reason Lee and Romita’s Spider-Man outsold FF is because as Peter Parker gained a strong supporting cast, the stories became even more complex and the readers cared more about Peter and could relate to him more.

The amazing thing about Stan Lee was that he was a natural born storyteller. I doubt he had the time to think about stuff like character development and long range storytelling. These days, Marvel is the #1 comic book publisher in the US. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a global box office phenomenon. Their TV shows are a key part of Disney+. But back when Amazing Spider-Man #1 was published, Marvel was the #5 comic book publisher. Archie, Dell, Harvey and DC were all significantly larger. Marvel was a tiny group and Stan had some role in almost every issue published by Marvel in those days. He plotted a bunch of comics and scripted even more. He wrote most of the editorial material and a lot of the promotional material. He was even involved in approving the design of most covers.

How busy was Stan? Roy Thomas was leaving the Marvel offices one evening and there was a city wide blackout that lasted for hours. Power had been restored by the next morning. When Roy returns to the office, he finds Stan upset. During the blackout, Stan was only able to write one script via candlelight instead of the two he was planning to write. So, Stan quickly assigns the other script to Roy. That’s classic Stan Lee.

The coolest thing about celebrating 100 years of Stan Lee is knowing that so many of the stories and characters that he had a role in creating will still be around in another 100 years!

Face it tiger…when Stan Lee began writing comics…we all hit the jackpot!

Hostess Comic Book Ads Were Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff in front of a bunch of black and white comic book panels

Welcome to Super Blog Team Up. This time out I am looking at Hostess Comic Book Ads featuring Hot Stuff! Since Between the Pages is a pop culture cake and cookie blog, today I’m serving yummy Hostess Twinkies, Fruit Pies and Cup Cakes.

In the 1970s, Hostess came up with an advertising campaign that is still beloved by comic book fans. Hostess worked with all of the major comic book companies to create single page ads that were done comic book style. The very first of these ads featured Batman and Robin using Hostess Twinkies to save a professor and his daughter from a mummy!

One of the things that made these ads magical was that they didn’t just feature Batman and Robin. They featured EVERYONE! Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Josie and the Pussycats, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Superman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, Red Tornado, Plastic Man, Sad Sack, Richie Rich, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and many more were invited to the party. Even villains like the Joker and Penguin had their own ads.

Guess who doesn’t get an ad? Marvel’s X-Men. That’s really odd because by 1982 when the Hostess ads stopped, the X-Men were the best selling comic book in America. So if the X-Men got passed over, who had the most ads?  The three most frequently featured characters were Richie Rich, Casper the Friendly Ghost and Josie and the Pussycats.

Since Halloween is just a few days away, I wanted to focus on the perfect Halloween comic book character – Hot Stuff. Hot Stuff was one of Harvey Comics more popular characters. He was a cute little red devil with an asbestos diaper and a pitch fork. Over the years, Hot Stuff had four different comic book series plus a digest series. His main series, Hot Stuff the Little Devil lasted for 177 issues. The most important statistic  for this post? Hot Stuff starred in 19 hostess ads.

Make sure you stay to the end because I wrap things up with a one of a kind treat.


Hot Stuff’s aunts appeared regularly in his comic books. The taller one with yellow flaming hair is Aunt Clicker. She appears in a bunch of these ads.

Unfortunately, the Brain doesn’t stick to his chemistry set because he returns again in more ads.

The girl in this ad is Princess Charma – she is a fairy princess and Hot Stuff’s girl friend. She was a major character in Hot Stuff’s comics and will appear again in more ads.


As you’ll see in these ads, Hot Stuff has a bunch of uncles and aunts. This was the norm for every Harvey character. One character, Little Dot had so many eccentric relatives that she had a comic book entitled Little Dot’s Uncles and Aunts that ran for 52 issues.


I like how most of the Hot Stuff ads feature Hostess cup cakes since they were devil’s food.


The enchanted forest was where Hot Stuff and Princess Charma lived.


Tired of Hot Stuff’s various aunts and uncles? How about one of his many cousins instead?

This ad shows part of the charm of Hot Stuff. There is an evil scientist, a red devil, a fairy princess, a gnome and cute & scary monsters. Hot Stuff would interact with all sorts of magical beings and enchanted items in his comic books.


I promised I’d have a one of a kind treat at the end of this post.

Hot Stuff was the only character to ever get a two page Hostess ad. Here are Somethin’ Else Cookin’! pages 1 and 2!!!


Hostess Comic Ad - Somethin' Else Cookin'! - Page 1

Hostess Comic Ad - Somethin' Else Cookin'! - Page 2


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Killer Walking Dead Cakes

Walking Dead Banner


Welcome to the latest and greatest Super Blog Team Up. This time out we are looking at Image Comics which just celebrated 30 years of publishing great creator owned comics. Today, I’m celebrating by featuring Killer Walking Dead Cakes!


Walking Dead Sugar Sculpture

Help! Zombies Are Escaping From My Walking Dead Comic!

This amazing Walking Dead sugar sculpture was made by Anne Heap from Pink Cake Box.


Walking Dead Sugar Sculpture

This Walking Dead sugar sculpture features a Walking Dead comic book with zombie hands reaching out from inside it.  This makes it look like the zombies are escaping from within the comic.  The stand which is holding the comic book off the ground is designed to look like blood.  The cake stand is covered with artwork from the Walking Dead.


Walking Dead Sugar Sculpture

Here is the cover of the Walking Dead comic.


Walking Dead Sugar Sculpture

Here is the inside of the Walking Dead comic.  Since the Walking Dead is a black and white comic, the artwork here is also black and white.  This picture has a great view of the three zombie hands.  You can see where they have touched the comic because they left blood finger prints.

Daryl Dixon Wacky Wobbler Cake

Daryl Dixon Wacky Wobbler Cake

Funko, the king of bobble heads, makes a Walking Dead: Biker Daryl Wacky Wobbler .  It features Daryl Dixon one of the most popular characters on The Walking Dead.  Vanessa’s Cake Designs decided to recreate this bobble head in cake and the end results in amazing!


Walking Dead Cookie

The Greene Family Farm

Ready to have your mind blown?  The terrific piece of artwork you see on the stand is a cookie.  This stunning Walking Dead Cookie was made by Michelle from FROSTING – Cakes & Cookies

Michelle’s hand painted cookie features The Greene Family Farm.  The farm is the main setting for Season 2 of The Walking Dead.  In real life the farm is in Senoia, Georgia which is about an hour from where I live.


Walking Dead Cookie

The most amazing thing about Michelle’s cookie? The size!  It is much smaller than it looks in the first picture.  I have no idea how Michelle made such an amazing detailed painting on such a tiny cookie.  

Lori Grimes Cake

Lori Grimes Standing At Her Grave

 Carolina Lara created this cake called Lori Standing at her Grave.  


Lori Grimes

The likeness to Sarah Wayne Callies, the actress who played Lori Grimes, is wonderful.


Lori Grimes Sculpture

The dress that Lori is wearing is her wedding dress.  Rick sees a vision of Lori in her wedding dress at her grave site in at least two episodes – The Suicide King and Home.


Lori Grimes' Wedding Dress

The sign behind Lori reads “It’s so easy to do the wrong thing in this world. So if it feels wrong, don’t do it, if it feels easy don’t do it, don’t let the world spoil you. GOODNIGHT, LOVE.” These were the last words Lori said to her son Carl.


Lori Grimes Statue


Carol Peletier Cake

Carol Peletier Inspires You To Never Give Up!

Carolina Lara also created this amazing cake.


Carol Peletier Sculpture

The Walking Dead is about how people respond under unbelievable pressure.  Carol is one of the main characters in the Walking Dead TV show.  As the series has progressed, she has discovered her inner strength.

That’s why Carolina Lara included the quote:


You fight it.

You don’t give up.

and one day

you just



The quotes comes from the episode Indifference.  It is one of the last things Carol says to Lizzie.

Carol is portrayed differently in the comic and TV show.  From Wikipedia: “In the comic series, Carol exhibits a neurotic, self-centered, and naive demeanor. Throughout her time in the comics, she grows increasingly unstable, to the extent of self-destruction. The television show differs in these regards, as she is shown to be a stern, pragmatic, and compassionate individual who has been gradually building inner strength.”  Wikipedia has a wonderful quote by Executive Produce Scott Gimple about this. “[Carol] was strong all along. The apocalypse didn’t make her strong. The apocalypse made her show herself that she’s strong”.


Carol Peletier Statue

The likeness of Melissa McBride, the actress who plays Carol Peletier on TV, is wonderful.

Here are more close-ups of this stunning cake:


Carol Peletier

Carol Peletier Quote

Carol Peletier



Two Skulls

Sophia Peletier's Doll


So many great movies & TV shows feature little nods to fans called Easter eggs. Why should they have all the fun?


George Perez’s X-Men

Welcome to Super Blog Team Up!

This time your favorite bloggers and podcasters have teamed up to say THANK YOU to the beloved comic book creator George Perez! Late last year, George announced the heart breaking news that he was dying from cancer.

For decades, the X-Men have been Marvel Comics best selling line of comics, so I wanted to focus on the time George Perez teamed up with Chris Claremont and Terry Austin on Uncanny X-Men King Size Annual 3.

Between the pages is a pop culture cake blog, So, in addition to featuring stunning artwork by George and Terry, I’ll be mixing in some astonishing X-Men cakes and wedding cake toppers.

This is the first image of the X-Men in this comic book, and it is such an attention getter.  It is an action scene with seven different characters and each character looks perfect. The focal point of this panel is Colossus battling the robot. Those two characters are the largest and take up half the panel. The further we get from these two, the smaller the characters are. Cyclops and Banshee (in the control room) are the smallest. Terry Austin is one of the best inkers to have ever worked in comic books. Here, he and George Perez are a dynamic duo. The danger room’s walls look almost featureless while the control room is filled with machinery.  Colossus and the robot are metal and shine. Even Storm’s cape has texture.


Storm Cake

Storm Cake

Carla Puig made this amazing Storm Cake for Cake Con International.  This is Carla’s 3rd X-Men themed cake for CCI.  In previous years she has made stunning cakes featuring Mystique and Magneto.

One of the reasons that super hero comic books made such great source material for movies and TV shows is that they contain so much action. The irony is that comic books are static images that don’t move, so the artist has to create a sense of motion. 

On this page, George uses motion lines to show the action. Each of the six main panels have motion lines. The motion lines beneath Storm look like air because she is flying. The panel where Nightcrawler is falling up, George puts the sound effect balloon inside the motion lines. The panel after that, he chooses a simpler motion line to show debris bouncing off Colossus. On this panel and the last panel, he uses two motion lines to show things ricocheting. 


Gambit and Rogue Wedding Cake Topper

Gambit and Rogue Wedding Cake Topper

This marvelous Gambit and Rogue Wedding Cake Topper was made by Genefy Playground. Gambit and Rogue are one of the most popular couples in Marvel Comics.

These four panel of Scott and Ororo talking is my favorite sequence in the whole book. Having just two people talk to each other for multiple panels is really hard to make visually appealing. By adding, the sequence of Scott taking off his visor and putting on his glasses, these panels really grab your attention. I really like the second panel where Scott is really concentrating to keep his eyes closed after taking off his visor.


Hulk vs. Wolverine Cake

Wolverine vs. Hulk Cake

This amazing Wolverine vs. the Hulk Cake made by Sirac Cicek.  

George Perez is master story teller. Ignore the words on this page and just look at the eight panels. They tell you everything you need to know about what is happening. My favorite panel is the 3rd panel where Storm is looking at her plants. If you look above Storm, you’ll see Arkon in the skylight.


Black Panther and Storm Wedding Cake Topper

Black Panther and Storm Wedding Cake Topper

This adorable Black Panther and Storm Wedding Cake Topper was made by Little Vows.

I chose this splash page because it includes two of my favorite things that George Perez’s draws – architecture and pages with tons of characters. There is so much on this page. An elaborate hall with an ornate ceiling, columns, and a stairs case, statues, countless warriors and the X-Men.

The layout of this page is amazing. The X-Men are in the middle of the page. The glow around them and the smoke behind them draws your eyes to them. This is the least detailed part of the page. All of the details surround the X-Men. 

George picks a unique camera angle for this page – from the top of the stairs looking down. This works extremely well because the top two thirds of the page are the statues, columns, archways and ceiling. The architecture isn’t cluttered, so you can see how breathtaking it is. The bottom third of the page is claustrophobic because it is filled with tons of warriors. Making it so crammed makes the architecture stand out even more and gives a real sense of danger because the X-Men are so out numbered. 

Terry Austin, who inked this annual, is one of the greatest inkers to ever work in comics. This page is a perfect example of why. There is so much detail on this page, yet ever single line is PERFECT. I cannot image the work, skill and attention that goes into inking a page like this.


Dark Phoenix Cake

Dark Phoenix Cake

This amazing Dark Phoenix Cake was made by Massimiliano Colla for Cake Con International

This two page spread is amazing! It consists of twelve panels. The top row is six panels. Each panel switches the focal character and switches the camera placement. Some of panels are close-up and others are more distant. These panels ratchet up the tension… so the middle row is a single panel fight scene. I gave up counting the number of characters in this panel. There has to be a least 25 characters. George, Terry and the colorist Glynis Wein all do amazing work on this panel.

The bottom row calms things down. It has two panels of characters talking, a panel showing that the fight is still going on, and two panels of a character walking down stairs and being followed by Nightcrawler. 

If you’ve never read Uncanny X-Men King Size Annual 3, you are in for a treat. This is Chris, George and Terry all at the top of their game. This issue runs between 16 & 60 dollars depending on condition. It is also reprinted in Uncanny X-Men Masterworks Volume 4 and X-Men Epic Collection: Proteus. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and will come back tomorrow for more amazing pop culture cakes and cookies. For more Super Blog Team Up, please check out:

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