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This Percy Jackson Cookie Puzzles Me

Percy Jackson Cookie

My daughter and I made this Percy Jackson Puzzle Cookie for the sixteenth Birthday of a friend who is a huge Percy Jackson fan.  This Cookie has Camp Half-Blood on one side and Camp Jupiter on the other side. In the middle of the cookie is a Greek building with six columns.  At the top of the building is the birthday name and the birthday age. This cookie was eighteen inches by twelve inches.

Camp HalfBlood Cookie

 Camp Half-Blood has an orange banner with a Pegasus underneath it. 

Camp Jupiter Cookie

Camp Jupiter has a purple banner with a Roman Emblem with SPQR (The Senate and People of Rome) underneath it.

Percy Jackson Cookie

The Greek building has a blue sky background. Blue is often associated with Percy Jackson since his father was Poseidon. There are six columns. Each letter of the birthday name has been engraved into the top of the building. The birthday age has been engraved on top of the name for this 16th birthday celebration.

Percy Jackson Puzzle Cookie

Here’s a picture of the cookie scrambled.  The girls at the party got to unscramble the pieces and solve the puzzle before eating the cookies. 

To make the puzzle cookie, we made a paper template for the cookie design. We made sure that the breaks were not through any key symbols then we cut the paper template into fifteen cookie sized pieces.   We cut out the dough and baked the cookies. We iced them and drew on the designs.