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Amazing Iron Man Cake

Iron Man Cake


Tony Stark makes you feel
He’s a cool exec with a heart of steel.
As Iron Man, all jets ablaze,
He’s fighting and smiting with repulsor rays!
Amazing armor! That’s Iron Man!
A blazing power! That’s Iron Man!


Wow!!! This absolutely stunning Iron Cake was made by Sweet As Sugar Cakes.  It looks more like a costume from one of the Iron Man movies than a cake.  I really like how the armor looks like it is made of individual pieces of metal.  The mouth is separate from the rest of the armor covering the head.   The armor has a neck, so Tony can turn his head.  The shoulder armor look like armored arms would lock into place in them.  I think my favorite thing about the armor isn’t that it isn’t in perfect condition.  This armor has seen some battles and survived to tell the tale.


How To Make An Iron Man Cake


He is a man on a mission
In armor of high tech ammunition
Trapped on the edge of an endless game
His teenage life will never be the same
In a dangerous world he does all he can
He’s Iron Man
Iron Man
The heart of his power is within him
No force will make him give in
When he’s backed into a corner of
He takes the heat to next degree
He’s more than a hero believe what you see
He’s Iron Man
Iron Man
He’s Iron Man
Iron Man
Iron Man


As much as I like the 1st photograph, I think I actually prefer this one.  The sculpting of this cake is mindboggling.  Since the cake hasn’t been covered and colored, you can see every little detail.  

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