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This Yoda Wedding Cake Is Out Of This World

Yoda Wedding Cake

This wonderful Yoda Wedding Cake was made by Nasa Mala Zavrzlama

This awesome cake is three stories tall and has a wonderful handmade Yoda and bride cake topper.  The bottom layer looks metallic.  You can see individual pieces of metal attached to each other.  It reminds me of the outside of a Star Destroyer.  The second layer is a city built of the same metal and the starry night sky above it.  The third layer looks both alien and organic. You can see stones and some strange moss like plant hanging down. I really like how each layer is different and has an alien look to it. 


Yoda Wedding Cake Topper

The Yoda wedding cake topper is so adorable.  I’ve seen wedding cakes with Yoda on them before, but I don’t recall seeing one where Yoda is the groom.  I really like how the bride is from the same alien species as Yoda.  I couldn’t recall what planet Yoda was from, so I looked it up. The reason I couldn’t remember is that it has never been reveled.  The only female of Yoda’s specie I can recall ever hearing about is Yaddle.  I love the facial expression on the bride.  She has a smile and is looking lovingly at Yoda.  She is wearing the same robes as Yoda and has bouquet of flowers.  I think she is saying “Yoda one for me!” Smile