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Don’t Blink At These Weeping Angel Cookies

Weeping Angel Cookies

These Stunning Weeping Angel Cookies were made by Bakingdom.  These Doctor Who cookies are a frightful addition to any Doctor Who fan Birthday celebration. They have their faces covered so they do not turn each other to stone.  

Don’t Blink. Or these Angels could come after you. 

Weeping Angels are among my family’s favorite Doctor Who villains. The Weeping Angels have been amazing in all of the episodes in which they have appeared.

In the Doctor episode The Angels Take Manhattan, Weeping Angels send Rory back to 1938. Amy allows an angel to touch her and send her back to Rory, but the Doctor will never be able to reach them again.  This was a very creative way to use a Villain to get rid of the Doctor’s companion without killing them.