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Jack Skellington and Sally Sitting In A Tree

Night Before Christmas Wedding Cake

Black Cherry Cake Company made this Terrific Nightmare Before Christmas wedding cake. The cake is mostly black and white with a hint of color for the pumpkins and Sally’s hair.  Jack Skellington and Sally are sitting on the two main branches of a Skeleton Tree on the top of the cake. Jack is wearing a pin striped tuxedo with a black bat bow tie and Sally has red hair and is wearing a long version of her patchwork dress where the colors are very muted. The tree has a face in the middle of the trunk. There are orange pumpkin Jack-O-Lanterns at the bottom of the tree. Black bats and the black hill with the spiral top are painted on the side of the cake layer. The middle layer has lines of black stitches on it. The bottom layer has the Halloween Town Gate and houses of Halloween Town drawn onto it. A single orange Jack-O-Lantern is beside the bottom layer. The cake sits on a nice metal ornate black cake stand. 

Jack Skellington Wedding Cake

Close-up of Jack Skellington and Sally cake topper

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