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Awesome ThunderCats Cake

ThunderCats Cake

This Awesome ThunderCats Cake was made by Sweet Symphony. Lion-O is hand painted. This is a 40th Birthday Cake for a huge ThunderCats Fan. Lion-O is the Lord of the ThunderCats. He is holding the mighty Sword of Omens. Lion-O is the leader of the ThunderCats. 

The Sword of Omens is usually the size of a dagger and dormant, but when needed Lion-O can summon its power and cause it to lengthen to a broad sword by pointing it to the sky and by saying “Thunder Thunder, ThunderCats, Ho!”.  The sword is powered by the Eye of Thundera. The Eye of Thundera is embedded in its hilt. It is a black cat’s head when fully awake and a closed cat’s eye pupil when not active.  When awake, the Eye of Thundera can produce powerful red energy blasts. 

Lion-O uses the Sword of Omens to defeat the enemies of the ThunderCats.