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Awesome ThunderCats Cookies

ThunderCats Cookies

These Awesome ThunderCats Cookies were made by Taylor Made Treats. These cookies have the Eye of Thundera in the center. It is active and ready to defend the ThunderCats around it since it shows the head of a black cat. When dormant, it has the shape of a closed cat’s eye pupil.

I like the way the ThunderCats surround the Eye of Thundera since the Eye of Thundera is the source of their power.

I used to enjoyed watching the ThunderCats cartoon when I was younger.

Lion-O Cookie

Here is a handprinted Lion-O cookie. Lion-O is the Lord of the ThunderCats. He summons the power of the Sword of Omens when it is needed.

Cheetara Cookie

This is a Cheetara Cookie. Cheetara is the fastest ThunderCat. 

Panthro Cookie

Here’s a Panthro cookie. Panthro is the oldest living member of the ThunderCats. Panther crafted many new vehicles for the ThunderCats in his workshop.

Snarf Cookie

This is a Snarf Cookie. Snarf watched over Lion-O when Lion-O was little. He now helps as needed even though he is a little cowardly.

ThunderCats Cookie

Here is a nice Eye of Thundera Cookie.  The Eye of Thundera is the source of Power for the Sword of Omens. 

ThunderCats Cookies