Splendid Disney Brave Birthday Cake

Disney Brave Cake

This Splendid Disney Brave Birthday Cake was made by Magda’s Cakes

Cute edible figures of Harris, Hubert, Hamish are on the top of this Disney cake. The top layer cake is aqua marine blue. There are grey stone walls along the side of the cake. Merida’s face is prominently on the side of this cake. She is looking into the distance and her hair is blowing in the wind. 

The bottom layer of the cake is green is green grass blades going up the side of the cake. There are green leaves on the cake board around the bottom of the cake.  The birthday name is written in brown woodgrain letters on the side of the cake.

The cake is resting on a a circle cutout of a large tree log.  It gives a nice rustic look to the cake.

The cake was covered in buttercream icing. The three bears were made from modeling chocolate. Merida’s face was made from fondant. Her hair was done in buttercream.

Disney Brave Cake

Here’s a close-up of Merida.  Her hair looks great. These bear cubs are so adorable. 

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