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Once Upon A Time There Was A Beautiful Cake…

Fairytale Cake

This gorgeous Fairytale Cake was made by Cinzia D’Adamo Cakes.

This is a three layer cake.  If you look closely you’ll see that each layer is offset from the other.  The top of the cake has the Town Musicians of Bremen.  The 3rd layer has a storybook castle and windmill (probably from Don Quixote) on it.  Puss in Boots is on top of the 2nd layer.  The 2nd layer has a flowery forest and Grandmother’s house on it.  On top of the 1st layer are Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf.  The bottom layer has the Three Little Pigs’ houses of straw, sticks, and bricks.  On the cake board are the Three Little Pigs.  In the back, you’ll find a lake with the Ugly Duckling.


Puss In Boots Cake Topper

Here is Puss soon to be in boots.


Little Red Riding Hood Cake Topper

Here is Little Red Riding Hood with a basket full of goodies for her Grandmother.  You can even see Grandmother’s house behind her.


Big Bad Wolf Cake Topper

Watch out! The Big Bad Wolf is hiding behind a tree.


Three Little Pigs Cake Topper







Here are the Three Little Pigs.  They’re and their houses are probably safe for now since the Big Bad Wolf is busy with Little Red Riding Hood.