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Stop Action Photography + Mario Cake = Mind Blown


This amazing Mario Cake was sent to me by Vic Sage from The Retroist.  If you have any interest in anything retro, you’ll love The Retroist.  For example, in the last few days, The Retroist has covered awesome stuff like Koolaid ads with a very young Kirk Cameron, Centipede for the Atari 2600Star Trek Collector Plates, and The Old Time Radio Show Gangbusters.  In addition to their blog, The Retroist has some amazing podcasts.  My favorite is Retro Radio Memories Podcast.  If you’ve haven’t visited The Retroist, give them a try.    


Now on to the cake.  A while back, Gameboymedia got an idea. An awesome idea. A wonderful, awesome idea!  What if you took the very first level of Super Mario Bros. recreated it in cake, added in stop motion animation, sound effects, and a musical score.  The results is one of the coolest cakes I’ve ever seen.

Here is a YouTube of the cake in action:



Want to peek behind the curtains and see how this was made, check out this video:



I love the portion where the cake collapsed from all the motion, so it took a week and half to film the sequence.  I’ve had a cake completely collapse and a cake so large it warped the cake board during delivery, so I can relate.