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Boba Fett’s Wedding Cake

Boba Fett Cake

This Fabulous Boba Fett Wedding Cake  was made by Mike’s Amazing Cakes.  This famous Star Wars bounty hunter has claimed this bride as his next prize. Boba Fett has his blaster held out ready to hold off any attackers. The bride is slung over his shoulder. She has her head turned, looking to the side.  

Just imagine that Boba Fett just got married, so his bride is dressed in her white wedding gown and wearing a white veil on her head. Just as they are pronounced bounty hunter and wife, enemies storm the wedding and start shooting at Boba and his new bride. He grabs her up and slings her over his shoulder to flee to his starship Slave I. He has blaster in hand to return fire and vanquish anyone who would dare to threaten his bride.  

Or, could it be that Boba Fett and his bride are the Star Wars Wedding Cake at the wedding of some really big Star Wars fans.