Star Wars

Superb Star Wars 7th Birthday Cake

Star Wars Cake

This Superb Star Wars 7th Birthday Cake was made by Sonata Cakes, Cupcakes & Cake Pops. 

This two tiered Cake is a darker blue to represent outer space. The words Star Wars are written in large silver letters on the side of the cake. A Stormtrooper is at the bottom of the cake with a blaster in his hand, ready to put down any enemies of the Empire. There are silver beams of light on the cake near him.

Darth Vader is at the top of the cake. He is holding his red light saber in his hands. The Death Star is behind him. There is a blue number 7 on the Death Star to represent the birthday age.

This cake makes a good use of color with the blue and silver.

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