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Cute Chibi Baby Groot Easter Egg

Chibi Baby Groot Easter Egg

This cute Chibi Baby Groot Easter Egg was made by Rene Lopez on Deviant Art.  I featured another of Rene’s wonderful Easter Eggs earlier today – an amazing hand painted Yoda Easter Egg.

I love the Marvel movies and one of my favorites is Guardians of the Galaxy.  One of my favorite parts of the movie is the scene with Baby Groot.  Rene did a wonderful job painting this chibi version of Baby Groot.  Giving Baby Groot a large head with large eyes and small body only makes him cuter because your eyes are drawn to his face.  With his wide eyes and large open mouth Baby Groot is absolutely adorable.  Rene also did a wonderful job painting Baby Groot’s body.  You can see his neck and shoulders.  Groot’s body is made of wood with various green leafs growing from it.  If liked Rene’s Baby Groot and Yoda, stop by Thursday, I’ll be featuring another of his Easter Eggs then.


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