Earth Day

A Steampunk Global Warming Machine & Earth

Earth Day Cake

This Terrific Earth Day Cake was made by Adela Calvo from A.C. Delicut Cakes located in Spain. This Stampunk cake represents global warming and what it is doing to the Earth.

This Cake is part of the United Nations of Sugar Art (UNSA) Earth Day Collaboration: Acts of Green.  This event focuses on the beauty of our planet, its animals, and its people.  It will touch on the damage that is being done to our environment and how that damage is affecting humans and animals alike.  

Here’s Adela’s bio:

My name is Adela Joann Calvo, I was born in England and raised in Spain where I live and work actually. I´ve opened my own school of art 9 years ago and since 2013 I´ve expanded and started to introduce myself in cake design. I specialize in sculpting even though I enjoy creating and designing all kind of artistic pieces. 

Here’s Adela’s description of the cake:

My piece represents how we want to use machines to make our lives easier but we don´t realize that what we build is rather harmful than helpful to us. We are consuming the world till death as you can see in my work. We should try to go back to our root and not depend so much on machines. We would surely be happier and probably our future generations would have the opportunity to live much better. Many years ago I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt with a skull inside the globe, that had so much impact in me that when I was invited to this collaboration I thought it would suit perfectly. I have tried to find it via internet but had no results.

Earth Day Cake

This global warming machine that surrounds the Earth is nicely represented in Steampunk.

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