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Earth Day Cake 2016

Earth Day Cake

This Terrific Earth Day Cake was made by Verusca Walker located in Australia.

This Cake is part of the United Nations of Sugar Art (UNSA) Earth Day Collaboration: Acts of Green.  This event focuses on the beauty of our planet, its animals, and its people.  It will touch on the damage that is being done to our environment and how that damage is affecting humans and animals alike.

This Marvelous Earth Day cake is composed of 4 smaller cakes. One cake for each digit in 2016.

Earth Day Cake  

The Earth represents the zero in 2016. The tall green tree represents the one in 2016.

Earth Day Cake

There are blue butterflies on the top of the earth and in the green tree.

Earth Day cake

The two and six are covered in tiny green leaves.

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