Terrific BB-8 Twelfth Birthday Cake

BB 8 Cake

This Terrific BB-8 Birthday Cake was made by Jean Schapowal of Cakes With Character. She made this marvelous Star Wars cake for her son’s 12th birthday. 

The three dimensional BB-8 on top of this Star Wars Cake is Terrific.  BB-8 is ready to roll off onto his next great adventure as he attends this Star Wars birthday party. 

The cake is black to represent outer space. It has small white dots to represent stars and planets. The words Star Wars is written in yellow on the side of the cake.  The head of BB-8 appears as a border and decoration around the cake.  The words Happy 12th Birthday are written on the cake. 

The cake board is black with white dots for stars and planets to match the cake. A orange ribbon covers the side of the cake board and nicely matches the colors of BB-8.

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