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Splendid Disney Up Cake

Disney Up Cake

This Splendid Disney Up Cake was made by Catcakes. The baker had to make this Disney cake without using eggs, lactose and without covering the cake in fondant. She used margarine and icing sugar to make the soft blue buttercream that covers that cake. 

Carl Fredricksen’s house is on the side of the cake. Balloons are all over the top of the cake to create a three dimensional effect.

This Disney cake represents the scene in the animated movie Up where Carl Fredricksen attaches thousands of balloons to his house so that the house can be flown to Paradise Falls. Carl is determined to go to Paradise Falls to fulfill he and his late wife Ellie’s dream. Russell a young Wilderness Explorer is a stow-away who goes with him.

The light blue cake makes it look like the house is flying in the sky toward paradise Falls.

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