Terrific Doctor Who Meets Totoro Cake

Doctor Who Cake

This Terrific Doctor Who Meets Totoro Cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company.  This Totoro Wedding cake is a Wonderful Mashup of Doctor Who and Totoro.

The top of this Doctor Who cake has a TARDIS Catbus. Totoro is standing beside the TARDIS Catbus. He has a green leaf on his head.

An Adipose from Doctor Who is standing on the TARDIS. Another Adipose is standing in front of Totoro on one of Catbus’s paws.

Doctor Who and Rose are hiding in a bush on the cake board across from the Dalek.

Totoro Cake

Just below TARDIS Catbus,  on the side of the top layer, The Silence is sitting on a tree branch.  There are small wood spirits on either side of him.

Delek Cake

Here’s a bronze Dalek and an Adipose behind him.