Doctor Who & Vampire Slayer Wedding Cake Topper

Doctor Who Wedding Cake Topper

This Terrific Doctor Who Meets Vampire Slayer Bride Wedding Cake Topper was made by Genefy Playground

The Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, is standing beside a Vampire Slayer bride. They are both standing in front of the TARDIS on this Terrific Doctor Who Wedding Cake Topper.

The Doctor is holding a Sonic Screwdriver. The Bride is holding a wooden stake that looks like a screwdriver. The Doctor and the Vampire Slayer bride are holding hands.

The bride is wearing a white pearl necklace. She is wearing a rose wedding headband on her head.

The cake board is green to represent grass.

TARDIS Wedding Cake Topper

The white sign on the door of the TARDIS has the name of the Bride and Groom name, the words together in love through time and space, and the wedding date.  

Doctor Who Cake Topper

There is a book on the green grass in front of them. The title of the book is Vampyr.