Disney Up Wedding Cakes

Disney Up 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

Disney Up 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

This Fabulous Disney Up 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake was made by Dolce Favola.

What if Carl and Ellie Fredricksen, from Disney’s animated feature film Up, were able to spend 50 wonderful years together as a married couple. 

These Wonderful Sugar paste figures of Carl and Ellie Fredricksen show how happy they would be together and the expressions on their faces as they remember all the wonderful times that they shared together.

They are standing on top of the cake in a loving embrace on this multi-tiered Disney 50th Wedding Anniversary cake.  

Ellie is wearing a long white formal dress with a white bow. There is a line of tiny golden leaves running down the front of her dress. She is wearing a white veil and has gray hair and glasses.

Carl Fredricksen is wearing a black top hat with a gold band and a matching gold bow tie. He is wearing a black suit with a white rose corsage.

The cake layers are white with gold trim. There are several white roses with gold leaves around the cake. There is a white plaque with gold numbers for 50 to represent a 50th wedding anniversary.

The husband and wife’s names are written in gold on a white scrolled banner near the bottom of the cake.

The cake board is gold.

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