Marvelous Goofy 2nd Birthday Cake

Goofy Cake

This Marvelous Goofy 2nd Birthday Cake was made by Dolce Favola.

Orange Bird is sitting on top of Goofy’s head. Orange Bird appears in Disney theme parks in Florida. There is a large yellow number two in front of Goofy to represent the birthday age. This edible figure of Goofy looks Terrific.

Goofy is standing on the top layer of the cake. There are blue Mickey symbols around the cake layer.

The next cake layer is green and has Tootles. Toodles is the brain of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It holds Mousekatools and gives them to Mickey and friends when they need them.

The next cake layer down is orange. It has the birthday name is light green letters.

The bottom cake layer is green with a blue border. There are blue Mickey Mouse symbols around the side of the cake.

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