Finding Dory

Fabulous Destiny the Whale Shark Cake

Finding Dory Cake

This Fabulous Destiny the Whale Shark Cake was made by Claire North from Let Them Eat Cake.   Dory is swimming beside Destiny.

This Fabulous Destiny the Whale Shark Cake was made for the Lets Find Dory! Sugar Collaboration which is a cake collaboration of Cake Artists from around the world to celebrate Disney’s Finding Dory animated movie and remind each other to “just keep swimming”

Here is Claire’s bio and description of this Fabulous cake:

My name is Claire North and I picked the whale shark from the movie just because I like her. I mean she has spots and who doesn’t like spots? I am from NZ but living in Orlando, Florida and have been caking for nearly 4 years now. 

Finding Dory Cake

Destiny is a whale shark, a character in Disney’s Finding Dory, who lives at Marine Life Institute. She lives at the institute because she cannot see very well. Dory speaks whale to her friend Destiny.

Finding Dory Cake  

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