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Marvelous Hank the Octopus Cake

Hank the Octopus Cake

This Marvelous Hank the Octopus Cake was made by Annie Greenslade from The Sweet Life Chef.  Hank is sitting on top of an edible sweet green algae cake board. His tentacles look wonderful.  If you look closely, you can see Dory’s tail fin poking out from underneath Hank.

This Fabulous Hank the Octopus Cake was made for the Lets Find Dory! Sugar Collaboration which is a cake collaboration of Cake Artists from around the world to celebrate Disney’s Finding Dory animated movie and remind each other to “just keep swimming”

Here is Annie’s bio:

Chef Annie Greenslade owns and operates The Sweet Life Chef as a culinary chef and pastry chef. She makes everything from scratch with top-quality organic ingredients. She holds her Associates Degree in Culinary Arts and her Bachelor’s Degree for the University of Oklahoma. 

Hank the Octopus Cake

Close-up of Hank the Octopus eyes