Splendid Color Your Own Finding Dory Cookies

Finding Dory Cookies

These Splendid Color Your Own Finding Dory Cookies were made by Say It With Cookies.

These Disney cookies make a wonderful craft for the birthday party. The party goers get to use the food coloring blocks that are on the side of the cookie along with a paint brush and water to color in these adorable Finding Dory Cookies. 

Squirt the small sea turtle is drawn on the first cookie.  The Hank the seven-armed octopus cookie is the second cookie. Three Otters are on the third cookie. A Dory cookie is on the middle. The Nemo cookie is beside Dory.

The Destiny cookie is on the bottom left.

The Mr. Ray Cookie has a nice drawing outline of this teacher of the class and the spotted eagle ray.  

The Bailey cookie shows bubbles and seaweed near this white Beluga Whale from the Marine Life Institute. 

Finding Dory Cookie 

Here is a picture of the cookie colored in.