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Video Tutorial – How To Make A Finding Dory Cake


Creative Cakes by Sharon made this terrific video tutorial that shows how to make a stained glass Finding Dory Cake.  She made it for a Finding Dory tutorial collaboration hosted by The Dessert Network. Sharon uses a template of Dory to make an impression on the cake.  She then pipes black icing over the impression.  At this point, the cake looks like a Finding Dory coloring book.  Lastly, Sharon shows you how to color the cake.

This is a wonderful tutorial because:   

  • This tutorial doesn’t require special tools.  You need a few pins, a piping bag, and a small food safe paint brush.   
  • Sharon shows you how to make the image of Dory span two different sized layers.  You can use this technique for a single layer as well, but having Dory span two layers really makes this cake look terrific.
  • Sharon shows you how to make the cake look like stained glass.
  • Sharon only uses four colors to paint the cake.  She shows you how to get different shades of a single color by dipping your brush in different places in the paint.
  • Sharon provides a black and white template of Dory and the same picture in color so you can use it as a color guide.


Find Dory Cake Template

You can download this template and color guide on Sharon’s Facebook Page at this link.