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Marvelous Doctor Strange Cake

Doctor Strange Cake 

This Marvelous Doctor Strange Cake was made by Zoe’s Fancy Cakes.  Doctor Strange is wearing his yellow trimmed red Cloak of Levitation and he is wearing the Eye of Agamotto. Doctor Strange is wearing black pants, a blue shirt with a yellow belt and yellow gloves.  He is standing on top of an orb that looks a lot like the earth covered in a cloud of churning magical gases. There is an SJ in the form of a Superman Emblem on the front of the orb.

This cake was part of the Baking for Superjosh cake collaboration. An incredible global group of cake artists came together to celebrate the life of Joshua Wilson, a brave little boy who lost his battle with a Brain Tumour. Joshua loved Superheroes and cake and was nicknamed “Superjosh.” In true Superhero style Josh’s Charity continues to raise awareness and funds for other families who need to support their kids through their illness. Go over to Baking for Superjosh to take a look at the other Superhero cakes and make a donation to this great charity.