Superb Japanese Music Cake

Japanese Music Cake

This Superb Japanese Music Cake was made by Katia Malizia from Dolci Ritratti di Katia Malzia.   

This Superb Japanese Music Cake was made for the Music Around The World – Cake Notes Collaboration which is a cake collaboration that gathered forty-one cake and sugar artists from all over the world to celebrate the International Day of Music in the sweetest way. The collaboration covers cultural aspects of music made around the world, representing music genres and instruments from all over the world.

Here is Katia’s bio:

Katia Malizia is a multifaceted artist – portrait painting, trompe l’oeil, modeling and ceramic decoration, mosaic, painting restoration, jewelery designer. In 2010, the encounter with the world of cake, fascinated by this new form of art, thanks to her skill and creativity, began to give shape to the first works, hence the idea to combine her two passions and portrait the cake, creating a winning combination that makes it unique in its kind as a portraitist of cakes. Improves her techniques with various private and group lessons with the best Italian Cake Designers. 2014 first prize CDI 17th Contest advanced level of the Spectacular Cakes Magazine. 2014 guest at the Grand Gala of Terracina with Lion Cake 2015 Article 10-page interview in the Cake Design Magazine 2015 Article Tutorial Blog Corriere della Sera journal 2015 Gold Award to the Class A Cake International London 2016 Bronze Award to the Italian Championship Cake Design in Massa Carrara Trade Fair Stage class of realistic painting throughout Italy. Her works often rewarded by various national and international blog and magazines. 

Japanese Music Cake

Here is Katia’s description of this Fabulous cake:

I chose the oriental music because I’m fascinated by their philosophy of life, I love the beauty of Japanese music and scenery in the dances. The Lotus flower has a strong spiritual significance for Eastern because of its particularity to be rooted in the mud, to lie on the surface of stagnant water coming out of pristine and beautiful them: for this is the symbol of those who live in the world without being contaminated. The folding fan was invented by the Japanese in the seventh century, Silk fans also called Gongshan (fans of the Court). They were hand-painted and adorned with precious stones with an ivory handle.

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