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Magnificent Bangladesh – Part 5

Lucia Simeone cake

This superb cake was made by Lucia Simeone.

This cake was inspired by an Art mural in Bangladesh, that celebrates the New Year Pohela Boishakh.
The Fish are a symbol of fertility and rebirth. The baker thought it was a wish for rebirth and hope for a new world, full of bright colors of joy and love. The colors are similar to the colors of the Bangladesh Flag.
The cake is covered in real ice fondant. The fish are made of hand-painted Sugar paste and decorated with Wafer Paper.

Magnificent Bangladesh – An International Cake Art Collaboration is hosted by Tasnuta Alam. Many artists from around the world created wonderful cake and cookie works of art to celebrate 50 years of Bangladesh. 

This is the fifth of 5 posts to feature these.

Sophia Fox cake

This marvelous cake was made by Jean Schapowal .

This inspiration for this cake is a Bangladeshi lady.


Huriye Eren cake

This marvelous cake was made by Huriye Eren .

This patterns on this cake were done using buttercream icing.


Kaninika Mehta cookie

This marvelous cookie was made by Kaninika Mehta.

It is a representation of the decorative traditional door of Bangladesh House.
The baker used eggfree cookies as a base and decorated with egg free royal icing and modeling chocolate.
Magic colours were used to paint details.


Liva Rahman cake

This superb cake was made by Liva Rahman. This cake was inspired by Baul Culture. Baul are members of an order of religious singers of Bangladesh.


Amal Rana cake

This splendid cake was made by Amal Rana.

The cake was inspired by the Jamdani Saree in Bangladesh.  The Jamdani Saree is somewhat like tapestry work where small shuttles of coloured, gold or silver threads are passed through the weft. The process is extremely time consuming and takes from a month to a year to complete.  Jamdani is an expression of regality and aristocracy.  The cake also has a matching necklace, earrings and a brooch to compliment the saree.

Beata Mielcarek cake

This marvelous cake was made by Beata Mielcarek.

This cake was inspired by traditional Bangladeshi folk art patterns and floral accent .

Cristina Calcagno cake

This terrific cake was made by Cristina Calcagno.

This cake was inspired by the clothes and face of a Hindu priest.


Eleni Orfanidou cake

This marvelous cake was made by Eleni Orfanidou .

She is a sugar artist and instructor based in Greece. She loves teaching others to decorate while enjoying cake decorating herself.

Vicky Chang cake

This splendid cake was made by Vicky Chang.

This cake was inspired by the green of the Bangladesh flag. The baker  incorporated the colors and design of the national flag and put the national flower, the white water lily on the top.  The green was embellished with gold extension work to represent the saree, a traditional cloth in Bangladesh.