Magnificent Bangladesh – Part 4

Amy Garcia Calauagan cake

This splendid cake was made by Amy Garcia Calauagan. The inspiration for this cake was Pohela Boishakh.

Magnificent Bangladesh – An International Cake Art Collaboration is hosted by Tasnuta Alam. Many artists from around the world created wonderful cake and cookie works of art to celebrate 50 years of Bangladesh. 

This is the fourth of 5 posts to feature these.

Albena Bojidarova cake

This superb cake was made by Albena Bojidarova. It is a bouquet of water lilies.

Water lilies were the inspiration for this cake because they are the flowers of Bangladesh. Their beauty describes the beauty of the state. They are so gentle and delicate.  


Sabrina Mattia cake

This superb cake was made by Sabrina Mattia.

This cake was inspired by a silver breasted broadbill, a very colorful bird native to Bangladesh.


Rubena Ruby cake

This splendid cake was made by Rubena Ruby

This cake was inspired by the lifestyle of the people in the Chattogram hill tracts area in Bangladesh.
The Chattogram Hill Tracts is the only extensive hilly area in Bangladesh. It is in southeastern part of the country.  The houses in this region are elevated on 5 to 6 feet of braced bamboo stilts and are called Machang houses.  This was to protect the homes from wildlife and flash floods. The space under the platform was also used to shelter livestock. In addition, this region practices jhum cultivation which is a slash and burn form of agriculture practiced mainly by the people of pre-plough age.

Rafaela Carrasco Hurtado cake

This marvelous cake was made by Rafaela Carrasco Hurtado

This cake is inspired by a Bangladeshi dancer. 

Patricia El Murr Baakliny cake

This superb cake was made by Patricia El Murr Baakliny.

She loves working with all sugar mediums. Her favorite is royal icing and wired sugar flowers.


Olina Wolfs cake

This terrific cake was made by Olina Wolfs.

This cake was inspired by women of Bangladesh.

Oana Butto cake

This splendid cake was made by Oana Butto. This cake was inspired by beautiful teracota jewlery .


Nesrin Gurses Dinc cake

This superb cake was made by Nesrin Gurses Dinc.

This cake was inspired by the lotus flower and is covered in sugar flowers.


Marc Kevin Eusebi Reyes cake

This splendid cake was made by Marc Kevin Eusebi Reyes.

The baker wants this cake to represent the dreams and hopes of the children for a brighter future. This was inspired by a Bangladesh little girl happily collecting water lilies  and the colorful festival of Bangladesh.