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Marvelous Runespoor Cake

Runespoor cake

This Marvelous Runespoor Cake was made by Janerva Macpherius -Janette MacPherson from Janette MacPherson Cake Craft.   

This Marvelous Runespoor Cake was made for the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Collaboration.  

The collaboration of food artists from around the world, known as Birthday Mischief Managed have assembled to debut their second installment of edible art in celebration of world-renowned author, J.K. Rowling’s screenwriting debut and newest movie trilogy – “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. 

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, is an A to Z “textbook” of magical creatures that have been featured in the Potter film series and publishing’s of J.K. Rowling. For this collaborative effort some of the beasts were removed from the list inside the textbook and each artist was asked to create the remaining using only their imaginations and the book’s descriptions with sweet edible mediums.  Each artist has dressed for the occasion and transformed themselves into “Magizoologist”. Be sure to visit their pages and read the documents kept about their beast.   

Our biggest challenge was resisting the urge to research, (cheat) pictures of our assigned beasts. The group has made sweet magic. My only regret is not having a pet Kneazle.” – Michelle “ChefMitchie” Curran aka Michaeleas Cuuragusta, Headmistress 

Runespoor cake  

Here is Janette’s description of this Fabulous Edible Beast:

Study/Beast: Runespoor Name: As I am not a Parselmouth, the Runespoor’s true names are unknown to me. The left head I referred to as “Consilium”, the middle head as “Somnium” and the right head I named “Criticus”, reflecting their individual traits as Planner, Dreamer and Critic. 

Notable Behaviors: Each of the Runespoor’s head serves a different function. The left head is the planner, it decides where the Runespoor is to go and what it is to do next. The middle head is the dreamer (it is common for a Runespoor to remain stationary for days lost in glorious visions and imaginations) and the right head is the critic whose fangs are highly venomous. It evaluates the efforts of the left and middle heads with a continual irritable hissing. 

Feeding notes: There is some competition between the 3 heads whilst feeding, so it is very important to offer up the food keeping your hands at a safe distance! 

Injuries sustained by Caretaker and aide taken: Whilst studying the middle head as it was in its’ dream like state, I became preoccupied and suffered a bite to my right arm, as the right head saw it’s opportunity and struck. A strong healing spell and a regular intake of blood-replenishing potion made for a full recovery after a number of weeks. 

Injuries sustained by Study/Beast and aide taken: The right head became most irritated with much hissing to be heard. The left and middle heads had clearly had enough of this and unfortunately put an end to it….. (It is common to see the far right head missing, as the other two heads often band together to bite it off when it criticises the other two heads too much.) Let’s just say I had one less mouth to feed after that….. 

Has study been released if you took it captive? If yes, where? I have released the Runespoor back into its natural forest habitat, however as it is a highly sought after creature, the forest is unplottable and its exact location will remain secret… 

Any other notes you took during your study: If the middle head can be encouraged into its dream like state, the Runespoor will remain stationery for long periods of time, which is most useful for effective study.

Runespoor cake

Runespoor cake Runespoor cake