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Fabulous Manticore Cake

Manticore Cake

This Fabulous Manticore Cake was made by Elias Darkwater – Kyle Miller from The Cake Shop.   

This Fabulous Manticore Cake was made for the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Collaboration.  

The collaboration of food artists from around the world, known as Birthday Mischief Managed have assembled to debut their second installment of edible art in celebration of world-renowned author, J.K. Rowling’s screenwriting debut and newest movie trilogy – “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. 

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, is an A to Z “textbook” of magical creatures that have been featured in the Potter film series and publishing’s of J.K. Rowling. For this collaborative effort some of the beasts were removed from the list inside the textbook and each artist was asked to create the remaining using only their imaginations and the book’s descriptions with sweet edible mediums.  Each artist has dressed for the occasion and transformed themselves into “Magizoologist”. Be sure to visit their pages and read the documents kept about their beast.   

Our biggest challenge was resisting the urge to research, (cheat) pictures of our assigned beasts. The group has made sweet magic. My only regret is not having a pet Kneazle.” – Michelle “ChefMitchie” Curran aka Michaeleas Cuuragusta, Headmistress 

Manticore Cake  

Here is Kyle’s description of this Fabulous Edible Beast:

Manticore I named it Kingsbane, it didn’t like getting named anything by a human though… I watched it from a distance for about a week, finding it was hard indeed. It left no footprints and stalked very quietly despite its size. A magnificent hunter, it would stalk it’s prey silently through heavily wooded areas until it got close enough to pounce and with one stroke of its tail, end it’s preys life. I observed it for 6 days using a cloaking spell(so it couldn’t see me), a floating charm (so my feet didn’t make any sound on the ground), and a barrier charm (so my scent didn’t give away my position. ) As I observed it while it feasted on a mighty stag on the 6th night, I finally risked getting close than my usual 40 meters, I realized that I could hear Kingsbane gently crooning while it fed. I glided closer as I learned from watching it that, while gorging itself, it was more lethargic than while hunting. Unfortunately my cloak snagged a twig and broke it, and without looking in my direction the great beasts tail whipped around and struck just right of my wand arm. Withdrawing it’s tail it looked in my supposed direction and seemed to stare through my shroud and into my soul. I quickly start to run, throwing spells left and right at the surrounding trees to force them into a shrubbery barrier in my wake. Kingsbane didn’t have the inclination to go around this makeshift barrier and proceeded to destroy everything in its wake as it gave chase. I threw spell after spell at it all the while taking potions and activating charms to increase my own speed and stamina, but everything I could thing of simply bounced off of its superior hide. I stumbled into a wide open clearing, and with no other choice, turned to face my predator with wand at the ready. It came through the clearing surprisingly slow, taking in its surroundings and eyeing me up and down. It started to lower it’s shoulders to pounce on my much smaller frame when an idea struck me, and with a quick wisp of my wand and yelling the enchantment, I used legilomancy on a Manticore. As a follower of the dark arts I have seen my fair share of horrors, but the sentient mind of Kingsbane was the most fearsome by far. I won’t go into details, but I believe I saw my own body and flesh being rendered asunder, according to what I could interpret. I sent images of worship and awe into the beasts mind (don’t tell the dark lord or I will find you) and it seemed to calm. I retracted my mind from Kingsbanes, and he (I’m assuming it’s a he, I was unable to observe anything that showed otherwise) seemed to regard me with feigned disinterest, an expression I could easily recognize on his all too human face. He then let his giant scorpion-like tail dig a deep furrow in the ground before me. Kingsbane slowly backed up from the small crater and regarded it with puzzlement. I walked forward to see what was puzzling this massive beast and quicker than lightning I was struck in the back by the bulbous part of his tail, knocked into the man sized crater, and buried with two giant mounds of earth Kingsbane had pushed over my body with his massive front paws. Knowing my place, I waited until almost all breath was out of me and then used levicorpus on myself to pull me out of the shallow grave. I looked around immediately and saw no sign or trace of the massive beast except for the hole I was just excavated from and the imprint he had left on my nearly shattered mind.

Manticore Cake