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Fabulous Spider-Man & Doraemon Christmas Cake

Spider-Man Christmas Cake

This fabulous Christmas Cake was made by Catcakes.  It features two completely different scenes; one featuring Spider-Man and the other Doraemon.


One the side of the cake, Spider-Man is patrolling New York City. The New York cityscape is around the cake in the form of black buildings with yellow lighted windows. Spider-Man is in front of the buildings shooting his web getting ready to swing to the next location.


Doraemon Christmas Cake

The top of this cake has a completely different scene with Doraemon ice skating.  He is skating on a frozen lake.  The marks on the ice from Doraemon’s skates spell out the name of the person this cake was made for. 

There is snow on the sides of the frozen lake.  To one side of the lake, there is a green Christmas tree with red, silver, and gold ornaments.  There is also snowman with a top hat, blue button eyes, a carrot nose, coal button, and a red scarf.

The use of color on this cake is brilliant.  Spider-Man is red, blue, black, and yellow.  All four of these colors appear in both Doraemon and the Snowman.  The gold and black of the city scape can also be found on the top of the cake.  The Snowman has black coal buttons.  The front of Doraemon color is gold.  The Christmas Tree is decorated in with gold ornaments.  Because of this, the two completely different scenes look terrific together.