Terrific Clara, The Doctor, and The Snowmen Cookie

Doctor Who Cookie

This Terrific Clara and The Doctor Cookie was made by Zelda Scafidas from Znique Creations.   

This Doctor Who Cookie features Clara and the Tenth Doctor, Matt Smith, climbing up a ladder to get to the TARDIS. If you look closely at the street lamp beneath them, you can see a DW for Doctor Who. There are snowflakes in the air. This cookie represents a scene for the Doctor Who Christmas special The Snowmen.

This Terrific Clara and The Doctor Cookie was made for A Merry Whovian Christmas which is a cake collaboration of Whovians from around the globe who have come together to share a love of “The Doctor” and bring you some of their favorite moments from the Doctor Who Christmas Specials they love best. 

Doctor Who Christmas Cookie

Doctor Who Cookie

Clara and The Doctor

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