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Magnificent Minnie Mouse Train

Minnie Mouse Train

This terrific Minnie Mouse Train was made by Angela Penta Cakes.  The detail on the engine and the four cars is terrific.  I think it is cute that Angela colored the wheels, engine, and cow catcher pink.  Obviously, Minnie Mouse is driving the train.  Daisy Duck is riding in the 1st car.  Can you identify the triplets riding in the last three cars?

If you said April, May, and June, give yourself a round of applause.  Thanks to DuckTales, everyone know that Donald Duck has three nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Likewise, Daisy has three nieces April, May, and June.  While they are best known for their occasional appearances in Disney Comics, they did make a cameo appearance in the House of Mouse Episode – Ladies Night.


April, May, and June Duck


While researching this post, I found out something I didn’t know about.


Minnie Mouse's Nieces


Mickey has two nephews – Morty and Ferdie.  They’re not as well known as Huey, Dewey, and Louie, but they’re pretty well known.  I even have a Christmas Ornament with Morty and Ferdie on it.

What I didn’t know is that Minnie Mouse has twin nieces.  This is directly from the blog – Related How Again? The World’s Most Fascinating Geology Blog.

And believe it or not, Minnie Mouse actually had nieces, altho they were employed so infrequently that their names are not consistent…most of the time they were Millie and Melody (above) but sometimes they were Tammy and Pammy…Millie and Tillie…and for a time in the 1960s, there was just one, again Melody, whose sole mission in life was to harass Morty and Ferdie. There was even an early story-book with triplets…Dolly, Polly, and Molly…and Mickey himself had a niece named Maisie in a 1934 short…well, you know how mice…um…oh, never mind…see you next time…


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