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Marvelous Beetle Bailey Cookies

Beetle Bailey Cookies

This is why I love blogging about pop culture cakes, cookies, and cupcakes, because I get to share really cool stuff like these absolutely wonderful Beetle Bailey Cookies.  These terrific cookies were made by Bake or Eat Sweets. Elena made these for a friend who was graduating and joining the military.  She chose scenes of things she could see him doing at boot camp.


My Beer Isn't Fried

A Mild Case of Indigestion

The Mess Hall Is That Way

Here are a couple of cute food related Beetle Bailey strips.  To read more, check out BeetleBailey.Com.  Beetle Bailey began in 1950 as a strip about a college student.  In 1951, Mort Walker decided to have Beetle enlist in the Army and he’s been there ever since.  Mort Walker also created the classic strip Hi and Lois.