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Marvelous Han and Princess Leia Cake

Han and Leia Cake

This Marvelous Han and Leia Cake was made by Art2Eat Cakes.  

This is the lastest cake in the romantic cakes that I am featuring leading up to Valentine’s Day.

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This Star Wars Cake has hand drawings of Han and Princess Leia with the words I love you and the other responds with I know.

This comes from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in the scene just before Han Solo is frozen in carbonite.  Leia tells Han that she loves him.  He responds, I know.  

This is Han’s last line in the movie since he is frozen in carbonite shortly after saying these words.

Han Solo and Leia Cake

Han Solo and Leia Cake

The cake is a set of stacked cubes with lines that make me think of the outside of the Death Star. 

Han and Leia are my favorite Star Wars couple.