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Fabulous Cinderella’s Carriage Cake

Cinderella Carriage Cake

This Fabulous Cinderella’s 3-D Carriage Cake features gold filigree decorations on the golden wheels and around the carriage window. 

This wonderful cake was made by Carasmatic Cake Studio. 

Each wheel is a coiled golden vine with golden leaves as the spokes of the wheel. The inside of the carriage is blue to match Cinderella’s dress.

The carriage is white and decorated with golden leaves and gold filagree. A golden pumpkin surrounded by gold leaves is on top of the carriage. The top itself is blue.

The cake board has a cobblestone pattern.

Cinderella Carriage Cake

Side view of the cake.

Cinderella Carriage Cake

Here’s an in progress shot.  It looks like the leaves and medallions were made using a mold and then painted gold.

Cinderella Carriage Cake

Here is a picture of the sphere cake that was the beginning of the carriage. It’s takes a lot of skill to get a perfectly round cake that is stable.  

Cinderella Carriage Cake

It’s impressive to see the result of hours of work and skill that went into the finished cake.

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