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Does Jabba the Hutt Have A Girlfriend?

Star Wars Hutt Cake

This Terrific Star Wars Hutt Cake was made by Chef Mitchie of Mitchies Munchies.  She sent me pictures of this wonderful cake.

Star Wars Hutt Cake

This cake looks like a portrait and spoofs Titanic.

Chef Mitchie did a video clip of this cake with the quote from the 1997 film Titanic playing in the background: Draw me like one of your French girls wearing this. Wearing only this. The phrase is used to caption photos where there is an alluring pose.

This Hutt has only a gold chain necklace around her neck as she reclines on the red sofa. This must be Jabba the Hutt’s girlfriend because only a Hutt could find another Hutt alluring.  

Personally, I think Hutts are fairly repulsive.

It’s an interesting twist to spoof Rose from Titanic with this Star Wars character.