Spectacular Spider-Gwen Cake

Spider-Gwen Cake
Spider-Gwen Cake

Wow! This absolutely stunning Spider-Gwen Cake was made by Claudia Benevento from La torta perfetta.  Claudia made this cake for Cake Con International.  Cake Con international is a collaboration featuring amazing worldwide artists who have created cakes and sugar art inspired by TV series, comics & video game characters.

Since Spider-Gwen is one of Marvel Comics newer characters, here is Claudia’s explanation of who Spider-Gwen is:

Gwen Stacy, sweet blonde girl with her famous hairband, she’s known as Peter Parker’s girlfriend killed at the end of a tragic battle between Spider-Man and Goblin. After her death she became a key player in the life of Spider-Man, representing in fact the end of his innocence. But in an alternative land the stories of Gwen Stacy tell of a modern days lively girl who, during a school trip, was bitten by a radioactive spider which gives her extraordinary powers. From then on the girl decides to play the role of the super heroine calling herself Spider Woman while Peter Parker in this different reality, without spider powers, continues to be scoffed by bullies of the school. Tired of the situation, Peter decides to inject himself the lizard serum, becoming this way the Lizard of this universe, but blinded by anger, he clashes with his friend heroine and dies in the battle. The crushing sense of guilt drives Gwen Stacy away from her father, police captain in New York, from her friends and the real world. She hides behind a mask and pushes herself to use her powers to become a real heroine.


Side View of Spider-Gwen Cake

Gwen’s costume is perfect and her face is beautiful, but I think my favorite part is her hair.  I really like how it looks tousled and wind blown.


Close-up Spider-Gwen Cake

The detail on Gwen’s face is amazing!


Close-up Spider-Gwen Cake

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