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Stunning Dark Phoenix Cake

Dark Phoenix Cake

This amazing Dark Phoenix Cake was made by Massimiliano Colla for Cake Con International.  Cake Con international is a collaboration featuring amazing worldwide artists who have created cakes and sugar art inspired by TV series, comics & video game characters.

Here is Massimiliano description of his awesome cake:

No one can control the power of the Phoenix! Overcome by her own vast potential, and corrupted beyond recognition, Jean Grey transforms into one of the X-Men’s all-time most powerful threats – the Dark Phoenix! The Phoenix and meaning of rebirth, for this reason I chose this character, in addition to being my favorite among the X man. It represents me a lot because in the end I too have risen from my ashes …… ready to live again. To make this sculpture I used: sugar paste for the body of phoenix and for the face. She was dressed entirely in plastic chocolate and also in her arms, belt and hair. The base is covered in chocolate and the flames are made with cocoa butter and then painted.


Dark Phoenix Cake 3. 2jpg

The use of color on this cake is wonderful.  The flames at the bottom of the cake are the same colors as Jean’s gloves, belt and the phoenix emblem on her costume.


Dark Phoenix Cake. 2jpg