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Amazing Pocahontas Cookie

Pocahontas Cookie

Sugar Art Jeanne is one of the world’s best cookies decorators.  Just looking at this Pocahontas cookie shows you why. It is absolutely amazing! 

This cookie features a profile view of Pocahontas.  She has her head turned and is looking at us.  Her left arm is up and holding her head.  The wind is whipping her hair and autumn leaves.  Under Pocahontas is a banner that reads – Choose Your Own Path.


Pocahontas Cookie

I really like this sideways view because it shows my favorite part of the cookie.  Look at the shoulder with the black tattoo.  The tattoo is actually on top of the shoulder.  Pocahontas’ hair really is under her shoulder. Jeanne uses layers of royal icing, so that the cookie has layers and texture. This gives her cookies an absolutely amazing look.

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